Through Branding we help you shape the persona of your brand while being meaningfully different from your competition.


We do an in-depth analysis of brand language, brand positioning, brand integration, brand equity measurement, brand growth, and brand management ensuring that the brand is market ready. We analyse the industry and your brand's position in it. We understand the line between being 'similar to' while 'standing out' from the competition. Branding research drives the branding decisions.

iconsNaming, Identity & Architecture

We help create a brand name and personalty upon understanding what your customer would identify with. We analyse your brand category, product, region and the target audience’s thinking feeling and expectation. Our creative process involves brainstorming and ideation sessions to come up with distinct and concise names that evoke an identity.

iconsBrand Identity Development

We believe that every brand has to have a personality and we help bring out your brand's best by designing and creating innovative logos, collaterals, brand manuals and other extended communication collaterals to establish and define,unique and consistent brand language. We take into account the brand value, mission and vision.

iconsBrand Positioning & Strategy

We determine the similarity and difference with relation to your competition to establish the brand identity and to create the right brand image. We set the tone for the marketing strategy by defining the brand, its uniqueness when compared to competitive brands. We focus on brand uniqueness, significance, marketplace, sustainability, and the brand’s goals and device a strategy and detailed go to market approach.

iconsBrand Engagement

Establishing the right strategy that the brand uses to communicate with its customers and making them engage with the brand through interactive designs, creative and social media pages, and all forms of communication that reached the end consumer, urging them to engage with the content and relate to it. We make this engagement measurable through analysis, metrics and reports.

iconsDigital Branding

Digital branding has its roots originating from digital marketing. Laying the foundation for the brand to communicate effectively with its end consumers through digital channel and assets like blogs, forums and social media to establish and communicate the brands position and offering.

iconsBrand Communications Audit

In-depth research and analysis of the effectiveness of language and tone the brand has been using to communicate with its consumers. Taking into consideration the below what the key message is, what is being communicated, How effective has the past communication been, Strengths and weakness of current communication, the communication strategy of the competitors,

iconsBrand Implementation & Roll Out

This is last leg of the branding cycle. After having established brand identity, position, branding and communication and engagement strategy, we help you implement it across platforms and introduce the brand to the market.

We help develop a brand communication strategy and define a unique signature tone to engage with their target audience in a creative and functional way. While being aware of the fine line between marketing kicking in and communications taking over.

iconsFramework Guidance

We develop an actionable marketing strategy that meets your business goal. Aiming to achieve customer engagement and relationship. we will strategize on the right response channels, demographic traits and call to actions to develop an effective and scalable marketing framework.

iconsCommunication Trends

We do a trend analysis of the communication based on the consumer, creativity and culture of the company. We adapt our communication based on the strategies trending in the marketing, what would work best and widely recognised practices. We use the latest communication tools, platforms and style.

iconsContent Creation

We help you deliver effective, concise and quality content with our team of content and copy writers. We develop content that build trust and credibility for your businesses. We brainstorm, draft, curate and finalise ideas, define content format and structure, to ensure effectiveness of the content.

iconsPrint Production & Delivery

Good looking designs are of no use if they cannot translate well to a hardcopy. We process designs keeping in mind the printing process. Our designers are well versed in print requirements that make the production process seamless without compromising on the quality of output.

iconsCreativity & Design

We ensure that every visual touchpoint associated with the brand is in line with the vision and the communication of the brand. We ideate strategies and come up with innovative and creative communication collaterals. We take into consideration the brand guidelines, colour theme, print friendly images, call to action and design to effectively meet the purpose of the design.

iconsVideo Production

These day's videos are an integral part of both offline and online marketing. It helps in efficient ways of communicating and thereby helps in marketing. We help create a various range of videos from Ads, concept videos, campaign videos, animated videos, infographic videos, whiteboard animation to viral content. We take the clients through the various processes of pre-production, production and post-production. We use state of art techniques, equipments and technology to achieve the desired quality of the content. Our YouTube channel can provide an insight of our works.

Technology has had an impact on every aspect of our lives including the way we do business. We help change the way your business works by integrating the right technology making it measurable, scalable and agile.

iconsInformation Architecture

Information architecture is a practice of arranging parts of a design or a code to make it understandable. We use information architecture to ensure an error free output in our websites, designs, UI/UX and software. Our approach to information architecture enables easy usability and defines a structure to the process flow.

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iconsUI/UX Research & Design

The user interface and user experience is a key to any customer touch point. Hence we do our research on the market, industry standards and competitors to ensure the product flows logically and functionally from one step to the next. We believe in creating a seamless and easy to use experience for the consumer.

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iconsMobile & Apps

We help businesses by developing effective and efficient mobility solutions. We build native and hybrid apps that meet your businesses needs, making it more productive and seamless to reach your end user. We make apps that are easy for people to use, help power your business and generate revenue.

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iconsOnline Opensource Development

We, at UMM believe that the future of development lies in Open-source technologies. We have a dedicated team of developers working on a number of latest open source software. We have developed and deployed a number of easy and complex software using open-source technologies. To learn more about the technologies we adapt in UMM click here.

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iconsWebsite Design & Development

We have an extensive website design and development process. We believe that websites not only have to be aesthetically appealing but also have to be functional in serving the business purpose. We understand your requirement, then get into the process of planning, designing, developing, testing and finally delivering effective digital assets. To know more about what goes into our websites click here. To view some of our web works click here.

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iconsInnovative Technologies

We love to dabble in new technologies. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, new age technologies like AR, VR, Big Data, Smart watches, to name a few, excite us. Want us to come up with some innovate ways to power your business click here.

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Digital Marketing has created new avenues for advertising and marketing, with the greatest minds of this generation working to make your Ads more clickable. We help you minimise the marketing costs by transforming from traditional/offline marketing to a mix of offline and online marketing through video advertising, content marketing, digital direct marketing, social media marketing and mobile advertising.

iconsTrends & Research

Digital Marketing is a rapidly evolving industry which makes it challenging to keep pace with the current trends. This is where we step in to provide effective solutions, to help your brand stay ahead in the digital ecosystem. We research and analyse the market, the competition and the target audience enabling you to market in a more focussed manner.

iconsDigital Strategy

We’ll devise actionable and measure strategies that help you manage diverse aspects of digital marketing like Websites and SEO content, Blogs, Internet banner ads, Online video content, Pay-per-click advertising, Email marketing, Social media marketing and Mobile marketing. We help you measure the search volume, reach, impressions, click through, traffic and bounce rate of the campaigns in real time enabling you to refine your strategy and run effective campaigns. To know more click here.

iconsContent Audit & Development

We review all of the brands existing content across all mediums like website and social media. We evaluate the relevance of the content, both in line with the customer's expectation and the brand’s goals, accuracy, quality, SEO compatibility and ease of availability. Once we have this information, we then either refine or develop content from scratch.

iconsCampaign Setting & Management

We manage, design and execute Omni-channel campaigns. Innovative,effective strategy and planning is our forte. We’ll help you identify the target audience, the right platforms, demography and geography. We constantly and diligently monitor your campaigns and Ads and alter it to ensure that we maximise your output.

iconsSEO Audit & Implementation

We audit the existing website based on key factors like accessibility, indexability, on-page ranking factors, off-page ranking factors, competitive analysis and keyword analysis. We identify the strengths and gaps in the existing and provide a detailed report. An SEO strategy will be devised and executed based on the findings.

iconsCrisis & Reputation Management

We believe that the online reputation of the company is just as important as its products and services. We devise a plan to monitor, identify and influence your digital reputation. An effective reputation management can help boost brand value and awareness.

iconsSocial Media Marketing

Social media has opened up new avenues of marketing and redefined the entire marketing landscape. We analyse your business, the marketplace and help you determine the right social media platforms that your business needs to target. We broadly split the nature of social media campaigns of into three namely Sales driven, Brand awareness campaigns and brand engagement campaigns. To know in detail about the various factors involved in social media marketing click here.

iconsContent Marketing

We believe that useful content makes the core of your marketing. We develop strategic marketing approach focussing on creating relevant, consistent and useful content taking into consideration the audience and the business goals. We consistently create written, video and image content to stay engaged with the customers providing them with valuable information to consume.

iconsVideo Marketing

We at UMM believe that video marketing is the future of content marketing. With video marketing having penetrated digital platforms, we help you make the most of it by creating the right strategy, engaging concept and content and publishing schedule.

iconsMobile Advertising

Leave it up to us to come up with successful mobile advertising strategies. Mobile advertising can be quite vast and confusing with various platforms and ways to reach the customer. We help you find the right platforms for your businesses based on the audience, search volumes, impressions and traffic.

iconsInnovative & Engagement Campaign

We devise innovative and creative campaign strategies to engage the customer and create brand awareness. These campaigns could be based on product/service, current affairs and social/festive calendars.