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Powering Contemporary Real Estate through Innovative Digital Media - VIP Housing and Propertiees


VIP Housing and Propertiees is one of India’s fastest growing real estate firms. They provide innovative housing solutions at strategic locations with high value for immediate appreciation. In real estate, the biggest challenge firms face is to establish the trust value. UMM plunged into action and established the brand presence and trust value for VIP Housing and Propertiees.


UMM associated with VIP housing and Propertiees and promoted the brand in the right direction. Using our experience in digital marketing, we ensured that VIP Housing and Propertiees was always visible to target audience. Our strategy was to achieve two things. First, to improve the trust level of the brand and second, to ensure that customer satisfaction was high.


UMM had to give the brand a direction and unique positioning in the real estate market, where even big names are hard to distinguish. We started with the basic components to design from the logo to themes and templates for the brand. Using simple yet attractive design themes and social media expertise, we created a buzz around VIP Housing and Propertiees that spread quickly in digital spheres. Our experienced web development team designed their highly responsive website, which was informative and engaging for customers. Our plans worked, and we built trust and customer reception for VIP Housing and Propertiees.


UMM powered VIP Housing and Propertiees to become the No.1 trusted brand in the Indian Real Estate market. The brand continues to grow tremendously having considerable presence in three states including over 25,000 happy customers.