Redefining banking online presence
with innovation and practicality

SolutionNET– Channelling State of the Art Financial Services in Digital Space

Opportunity & Challenge

SolutionNET is an international banking ERP software company, part of Vayana group. It is a major player in the banking field and focuses on bringing all banking services under one platform. They emphasise on creating user friendly applications and software to derive complete customer satisfaction. Our challenge was to rebrand the company entirely on a digital platform ensuring all client requirements were met without a compromise.


To rebrand the entire company, we made an intense analysis of the market and came up with innovative solutions. Our approach was to make SolutionNET unique and make it stand ahead of the curve. We designed a website that reflected the qualities of SolutionNET and showcased their products and services attractively.


Our developers created SolutionNET website which had incredible user experience and was highly responsive. Just the look and presentation of the website drove hoards of customers, creating valuable leads for SolutionNET. Well thought out digital marketing strategies and UMM’s instinctive SEO methods gave the website prominence and visibility on search engines.


Our efforts with creating their website, along with our SEO work paid off good dividends bolstering the growth of SolutionNET. This is exactly the kind of success SolutionNet wanted and was UMM’s highly skilled and experienced team delivered once again. Leads generated through the website kept SolutionNET’s sales team on their heels for a long, long time.