Powering Up Generations and Beyond - MME Enfras

Opportunity & Challenge

On the first glance, we at UMM were excited to work in the Infrastructure Sector in the boomibg GCC country. The first glance also made us realise the enormity of MME Enfras – one of the largest entities in the Power Sector in the GCC. However, even with the enormity and scale, MME Enfras, started in 2008 as a family business with no clear direction to establish itself as a major brand. UMM had to understand the elements associated with the Energy sector and the market reception in the GCC.


To give MME Enfras a point of focus and direction, we reinvented the brand right from the scratch starting with their Logo. Using accurately targeted digital marketing plans, we launched the brand into the market. We precision tuned their digital precence to gain traction with the GCC target audience. Our idea was to transform a family business into a trusted brand in the GCC.


Using new strategies we reinvented the brand. The website designed with innovative concepts was attractive and highly engaging creating new landmarks in web traffic. Our offline branding designs created awareness and affinity towards the brand. Our digital marketing efforts created a lot of chatter on online space drawing leeds for the company. We changed the outlook of the brand entirely to portray it as a heavy competitor in the power sector.


UMM worked wonders to MME Enfras. They soon grew into a familiar name in the Power and Energy sector at the GCC. What was once a simple family business is now completely transformed to be a major player in the power sector in the geographic area.