Foreign Exchange with Peach of Mind - Green Vault FX

Opportunity & Challenge

Green Vault FX was a completely new experience with a steep learning curve for UMM studious. Once again we stepped out with authority into a space where we had never been before. Green Vault FX is one of New Zealand’s leading Forex trading company. UMM thrives in great opportunities like this to analyze the audience and the way Forex trading is perceived in New Zealand.


UMM enthusiastically analysed the Forex market of New Zealand and realised, to achieve amidst high competition, Green Vault FX needed a large client base with positive reviews on the internet. We decided to increase the trust level of the brand by constantly reaching out with positive vibes to the target audience.


UMM associated with Green Vault FX and started from the basics by recreating their website. Our web development team created a highly responsive website that was a breeze for customers to use. We incorporated client cabinets and part cabinets that allowed Green Vault FX to access all their Forex transactions in a single place. Using proper blogging and other digital marketing tactics we ensured that customer reviews regarding the brand was always positive. We went an extra mile with Green Vault FX in creating their back-end software and building a team of 25 members to manage it.


We helped Green Vault grow and within just a year we generated more than 18,000 positive leads purely from digital marketing, which is a myth for any start-up. The growth did not end just there, Green vault FX was listed among the top 100 forex players in the period of 2012-2014.