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for the right reasons

Streamlining Financial Services with Flair and Confidence - bills4u


bills4u is a bill payment and tracking APP developed for the prestigious Vayana Group. We were given the task of developing an APP that would allow users to pay all their bills, track payments, create reminders and compile financial transactions from a single APP. The challenge ahead was to find prominence and visibility in highly competitive market of similar apps. The project also had time and budget constraints pushing us to work within margins. The goal was to project Bills4u as the best option to make bill payments easy, fast and secure.


Immediately after we started our association, UMM and bills4u got together with market analysis. We jolted down the receptive sectors of the audience and designed strategies and deliverables to showcase our product. UMM’s experience SEO analysts brought out their best in creating plans to increase the product’s prominence in digital space. We also used social media to create a buzz around the APP.


Using App store optimization, we ensured that the app would always appear within the first few searches. This greatly enhanced the popularity of the app. Then, using world class content marketing techniques like blogs and social posts, we educated the audience with the unique features of the APP. Our expert digital personal executed our SEO plans with precision creating further popularity for the APP.


This is again one of the best success stories associated with UMM, we delivered without compromise, exceeding expectations even under tight constraints. Within a short span of time, bills4u was ranked among the top 6 bill management apps in both App Store and Google Play Store.