Another successful
FOREX journey

B Capitals FX – Rejuvenation of Forex Trading on Digital Platforms

Opportunity & Challenge

B Capitals FX is one of the most influential Forex trading companies in India. The challenge that UMM faced was in understanding the Indian Forex trading market. We had to complete detailed research to provide effective marketing strategies to make B Capitals FX a leader in the highly competitive and revenue driven market.We relished the challenge to launch a company in the magnitude of B Capitals FX with a completely different look.


Trust and reputation are the two major factors in the Forex trading market. Our approach was to improve trust and reputation by creating a good customer network along with inspiring customer reviews thorough digital marketing strategies. This hypothetically would propel B Capitals FX to be a reputed brand in the crowded Indian Forex trading market.


We started implementing our plans with the recreation of their website and back end software. New client cabinets and part cabinets was introduced enabling B Capitals FX to access all their forex transactions in one place. We created reliable and efficient apps to increase user engagement with the company. We also unleashed our time tested digital strategies to create and improve brand awareness in the market. UMM’s experienced and creative web developers delivered one of the most interesting and practical website, ever to be made. B Capitals FX incorporated all the important features in their website.


Our approach and solutions clicked like wild fire with over 10,000 customers pouring in for services within days of starting our digital marketing campaigns. We made B Capitals FX the best brokers of online Forex trading, where clients get a truly beneficial and completely professional trading experience.