An Ideal Intra-Communication Web Portal - Ambattur Clothing Limited

Opportunity & Challenge

With the onset of an increasing amount of research and development and unimaginable improvement in technology, communication has become all the more complicated and a daily hassle for all kinds of operational organisations. In such a scenario, an easy portal for communication wherein thoughts, ideas and other crucial information can be shared is surely the need of the hour! Add-on Products is one such portal which provides a shortcut to the big picture by making communication within the organisation both peaceful and simplistic.


A Web based portal has to be designed to have all the informations available for each Team, Department and overall organisation. A place for leadership level team to interact with the entire organisation. Communication between A Team Lead and its members. Performance Evaluation portal - Goal Setting, Review and Rate Employees performance on Half-Yearly and Annual basis. Wishing Fellow works on their Birthdays and Anniversary. All the upcoming news and events has to be shown at a glance.


A platform was custom designed and developed of human work force driven organisation. Able to deliver communications across all segments of the organisation seamlessly. Web Portal enabled the HR team to guide the employees to set goals and review them on timely basis to show their growth and guide them if any support needed to achieve the same. All the CSR activities happens across the organization are communicated through the portal. Communicating with each and everyone of the team members played a vital role. Alert notifications, Time Stamped History, System Wide Quick Messages, Secure Network Communications, Dashboard offers a bird’s eye view of the office with comprehensive visibility.


An actively engaging Intra-Communication Web portal with more than 1000 employees. By focusing on collaboration and communication rather than stats, graphs, and charts, the tool brings people together, empowering them to harmoniously work with each other. During a recent survey, approval rating was an astonishing 98%. Customers said that they would gladly recommend the software to anyone involved in a collaborative project.

A Recent Half-Yearly performance evaluation was blown away success and every had the transparency in rating their goal and review process.