sunny bee

Redefining Retail and Changing the Way People Consume Fresh Produce - SunnyBee

Opportunity & Challenge

SunnyBee is a fruit and vegetable retail chain start-up based in Chennai. It was started inJuly 2015 by a diverse group of people, who pinned their main focus on redefining the way fresh produce is consumed. SunnyBee sources highest quality produce from certified farms and transports them to cities in the most efficient ways possible. In a highly competitive market with many major, well-established retailers, the biggest challenge we faced was in portraying SunnyBee as a unique and customer friendly fresh fruits and vegetables retail chain, offering cleaner, fresher and better produce.


SunnyBee placed complete trust and associated with UMM from day one. SunnyBee’s commitment to sell only Cleaner, Fresher and Healthier Produce and their close association with farmers were the biggest factors that set SunnyBee apart from the competition. We decided to use this as an USP and promoted SunnyBee from this angle. Everything right from their marketing strategy to their social media profiles and pages were invented having this in mind.


We created a clear and effective marketing strategy for SunnyBee, starting with promoting the brand as a premium retailer. Using innovative digital strategies and online social promotions, we created brand awareness increasing SunnyBee’s client base. Our campaigns highlighted the unique positioning of SunnyBee on how they sold only the best produce available, their close relationship with the farmers and their eco-friendly commitment. In offline branding, we used innovative design concepts for flyers, pamphlets, mailer and more to add to their ever increasing fan base.


Starting from a single mart, SunnyBee has now expanded to 6 locations across Chennai. Our digital strategies had a tremendous impact with SunnyBee’s Facebook reaching 1300 likes organically and their unique and creative website developed by UMM played a major role in brand building. SunnyBee now enjoys good patronage with over 500 walk-ins to their marts every day.