Digitizing healthcare
A technical journey

Reaching out for second opinion to the best community of GP - Plus Cure

Opportunity & Challenge

With the technology advancement still visiting practitioner of our choice has to go through strenuous process of booking appointment based on practitioners availability, our free time from regular commitments, traffic snarls and long queues.

In order give a patients easy access to the best community of practitioners on various occasions like second opinion, avoiding self medication, physically unable patients to visit practitioners on review consultations technology has be platform here.


In the first six months, 18% of patients used the online system. 91% said they were extremely satisfied with the service. The top ten conditions were Fever, Cold, knee pain, sore throat, Body pain, and cough. There were no significant events associated with use of the system. Nine out of every ten users did not make contact with the practice, with 5 using self help, 2 choosing to visit a pharmacy, 1 requesting a nurse call back and 1 using the symptom checker.

GPs generally need only about 10 minutes training to start consulting in this way. Some may be reluctant at first, so it is worth providing lots of information beforehand.


Online virtual doctor visits are a growing breed of telehealth services beginning to dot the healthcare landscape. Remote video consultations between clinician and patient are technically possible and increasingly acceptable. They are being introduced in some settings alongside (and occasionally replacing) face-to-face or telephone consultations.

Patients can get on your laptop or mobile device and easily have a doctor see you virtually from the comfort of your home or office. Depending on your needs, there are a range of telehealth and telemedicine options out there these days for online doctor consultations.

Plus Cure allows you to see a doctor without being a part of a health plan. It charges based on time rather than a per visit fee at an affordable rate i.e., 1 Rupee per minute. It also employs doctors to work scheduled shifts rather than having doctors subscribe to the service to see patients whenever they have down time. Its pay model allows physicians get to take home whatever the consultations chargers they did for the day, while Plus Cure a certain percentage cut.