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Chennai’s First Online Hyper-Grocery Store - Mr Must

Opportunity & Challenge

When e-commerce was first recognized as a sea change in business, many companies tried to enter the realm of online grocery. But many of these pioneers failed when the Internet bubble burst, and in the decade since, online grocery sales have grown much slower than the overall e-commerce market.

For the most part, customers in India continue to shop for their groceries by going to bricks-and-mortar stores. However, the online market is growing quickly in some countries. The United Kingdom has a particularly vibrant market, with Internet grocery sales comprising 4.5 percent of total grocery sales in 2010. In other countries with similar characteristics, however, growth has been slow; the Internet comprises just 0.2 percent of total grocery sales in Germany.


The online grocery shopping consists of various types of behaviors; such as information contact, funds access, store contact, product contact and transaction behaviors. As said in this case; very rare i.e. certain percentage of people used to order or purchase products through online marketing procedure. As per the behavioral terms found in online grocery shopping, people used to go for this, only in emergency cases and when they do not have sufficient time to visit the stores and retail shops.


MrMust’s business model relies on on-time delivery of goods, and in order to manage the operations smoothly and efficiently, it uses the hub-and-spoke mode of distribution. Branded delivery vans then deliver these goods to the consumers. The grocery store banks on technology-driven solutions to track everything from the time an order is placed to delivery. MrMust uses Inventory Tracker RestAPI interface to tightly integrate with the ERP system and handle all movement of trucks and delivery vehicles, notification to customers on estimated delivery times, etc. Inventory Tracker real time location data helps achieve optimal vehicle utilization.


Educate customers, Eighty-two percent of our respondents have no experience with online food retailing, and only 1 percent say they buy groceries online on a monthly basis. Developed a unique selling proposition. A successful business normally stands out by offering something unique to customers. Mr Must offered same day delivery within Chennai. Working people, happy to have rice, sugar and even organic pepper delivered to their doorstep, may wonder why no one thought of it sooner. There is, of course, room for growth. Within this category, the organised food and grocery market, is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 30 per cent in the next five years.