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Opportunity & Challenge

To live a healthy life in harmony with nature and with our own inner needs is the biggest challenge facing each individual in the modern world. In order to adapt to society’s requirements for successful living at each stage of life requires enormous expenditures of energy, time, money and personal freedom.

Unfortunately from childhood the scenario presented to most of our children as the way life should be is the stressful one. How does one move away from living a stressful lifestyle to a healthy one, and how does one can contribute to the environment as well in order to accomplish this?


UMM associated with Infinitheism in order to contribute to the environment and also engaging the followers in a innovative way. To have sustainable and greener environment we need more trees which in turn reduces the carbon footprint produced by humans in many ways. Also to make this campaign meaningful to all the infinitheist by creating a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays biggest of the all problems to a Human kind is the obesity. UMM and Infinitheism worked together on how these two can brought together.


Commit the weight that you plan to lose by the 11th of November 2016. Remember, we will plant a tree for every kilo you lose. It also made sure the participants their friends & family also participate in this initiative. Nominate them for some healthy company. No crash diets. No heavy workouts. BLUEtiful World is all about simple efforts resulting in a BIG CHANGE.

The effort is less, but output is abundant. This appreciable effort by Infinitheism and UMM is absolutely mind-blowing for its beneficial nature in either ways - you get benefitted by getting better health with reduces kgs, and the mother earth turns cooler with more trees and green spaces planted over.


4 months within the launch of the online campaign we have about 3,000 Participants and Total weight loss committed 17k Kilograms from 258 cities across 29 countries. And every month the weight reduction happens at an average rate of 175 Kgs. Campaign is actively pushed in various mediums and social platforms. What a brilliant way to integrate personal good with a larger good.

"The more you pamper your body, the worse it becomes. The more you demand from your body, the better it becomes. Push it a little MORE. Feed it a little LESS."